The Portland Reflector Afterglow is a simple, inexpensive solution for cyclists, runners, walkers, and others who want to make safety a top priority.

The Portland Reflector Afterglow uses high visibility reflective material, allowing a car’s headlights to spot you from a distance.

No glue, Velcro or adhesives. Switching coats, backpacks or bikes? Just remove and reaffix using magnets that will never wear out.

The magnets work through multiple layers of clothing and fabric, so if you need to bundle up on your early morning commute you’ll still be seen. And once you’ve arrived at your destination you can stash your reflector away instead of being that guy or girl at a party wearing a sweaty neon yellow bike jacket.

How it began:

The idea for the Portland Reflector Afterglow started when I was at an event put on by the BTA (Bicycle Transportation Alliance). The BTA had a class on all-weather biking at the Portland Fix-it-Fair that I attended as I prepared to purchase my first bike since middle school. When the speakers discussed options for reflective clothing and equipment, they covered expensive bike specific jackets, orange safety vests, and reflective tape that could be attached to the bike or rider. I didn’t like any of these options; I already owned a perfectly good, but black, rain jacket. Even as an engineer with very little fashion sense I knew I wasn’t going to wear an orange vest. And the less said about tape, the better. I asked if there was a magnetic option, and the presenters said they hadn’t heard of one. Another person in the class said, “You should make that!”

To learn more about the history of the product, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

How it works:

The Portland Reflector Afterglow consists of two magnetic reflectors. One reflector is worn on the outside of your jacket/backpack/etc. and keeping it in place is the second reflector that goes on the inside of your apparel or equipment. There is a powerful neodymium magnet in each part to hold them in place. When you want to use it with a different jacket or backpack you just pull it off of the old one. No clips, no vest covering all of your clothing; no tape or glue residue. If you want to use it with your everyday clothing, you can do that. If you don’t want to have a reflector on your back after you get to your destination, you can take it off without having to change your whole outfit.

Who am I?

I am a mechanical engineer living in Portland, Oregon. I have worked on products for many different companies, including projects for consumer electronics where I was involved in part design from concept 3D printed parts all the way through high volume manufacturing. I also enjoy biking, and wanted a reflector that would attach to almost everything I ride with, which is why I created this product.