How far away should the Afterglow magnetic reflector be kept from credit cards, hard drives, etc.?

  • The magnets in the Afterglow magnetic reflector should be kept 4" or more away from sensitive items.

What keeps the Afterglow magnetic reflector in place?

  • The magnet in the reflector on the outside of your clothing/equipment/etc. pulls towards the magnet in the reflector on the inside. The reflectors won't slide down your clothing or equipment because of the friction between the two parts.

Are the reflectors waterproof?

  • Yes.

How can the reflectors be cleaned?

  • Warm water and optionally a gentle soap can be used to clean the reflectors, anything abrasive should not be used on the reflective surface or it may scratch.

How can the reflectors be flattened if they become creased?

  • If the reflector will not bend back to a flat shape, heating the reflector with warm water will soften the material and allow it to return to its original shape.

How can the Afterglow magnetic reflector be used?

  • The reflector works best across thin materials. The product can be used with puffier jackets, however, you will need to make sure the magnets hold the reflector securely enough if you start using thicker apparel or equipment. Care should also be taken when attaching the reflector to anything rigidly secured to your bike as a sudden jolt from a pothole could dislodge the reflector. The reflector will work best when it is aimed directly at a car’s headlights. If you plan to wear it on a jacket or backpack, and will be riding hunched over, then it will be more effective if placed lower on your backpack or jacket, not facing toward the sky.

What can the Afterglow magnetic reflectors attach to?

  • Jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts, vests, t-shirts, messenger bags, panniers, trunk bags, saddle bags, child bike trailers, etc.

Are the reflectors visible in the daylight?

  • The fluorescent colors (yellow, orange, pink) stand out the most, especially with contrasting clothing or equipment.

What does "Made in the USA with imported magnets" mean?