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Afterglow - Magnetic Reflector

$ 19.00

Two part magnetic reflector

Each package contains a silver reflector as well as one of the four colors.

Uses Reflexite® retroreflective material

Size WxH: 157mm x 140mm (6.2" x 5.5")

Total weight: 49 grams (1.7 ounces)


The Portland Reflector Afterglow was originally designed to be used as a bike reflector, but also works great for running, walking, or any other activity where visibility is important. 


Made in the USA with imported magnets

Not for children under six years

The magnets in the Afterglow magnetic reflector should be kept 4" or more away from sensitive items.

Designed in Portland, OR


The Portland Reflector Afterglow contains powerful magnets and should be kept away from pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices, magnetic media such as credit cards and computer disk drives, watches, televisions, CRT monitors, and other electronic devices. The magnets can pose a choking hazard to children if the Portland Reflector Afterglow is ripped or damaged. The magnets can cause severe health risks if they are swallowed. Please immediately recycle the Portland Reflector Afterglow according to state and local law if the Portland Reflector Afterglow is ripped or damaged. For questions on disposal or recycling of products that contain magnets, please contact your local waste disposal or recycling center.